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There are many situations that challenge businesses to find new ways to reach customers, deliver information, continue to grow, and find a path to keeping their margins and profitability. It is survival and it requires innovation, forward-thinking and partnerships with providers that will help make all these activities a success. At Ricoh, we are experts in print, the workflow that drives print and the extensions to multichannel touchpoints that help add value, make communications obtainable and allow for new service offerings. There is no better time than today to leverage what you do best in print to open doors for new or renewed electronic communications.

In today’s technology-driven world, it is important to be able to deliver communications no matter what is happening. You should be able to quickly and easily deliver communications to your clients and their end-customers through their preferred channel. And, you should be able to do this quickly or even automatically. Sounds like a challenge, but with our experts and the help of our output management workflow technology built into RICOH ProcessDirector™ you can not only imagine change, you can realize it.

There is no better time to extend the reach of your print offerings; multichannel delivery is an important option to change with business and consumer needs. RICOH ProcessDirector gives organizations the ability to easily deliver individual documents as part of an intelligent, preference-driven workflow that can be fully automated. It may also be integrated into websites so that you can receive preference updates from end-customers through an accessible desktop, tablet or mobile touchpoint. Imagine the improvement for your print and multichannel communications environment! Using RICOH ProcessDirector ,organizations realize increased efficiency and reduced costs, and they create a more satisfactory customer experience.

Preference management is just one advantage; RICOH ProcessDirector  allows print production environments to recompose the documents originally intended for print and make them relevant and engaging for multichannel delivery. It isn’t enough to adhere to a customer’s preference; they should still get a great customer experience. RICOH ProcessDirector allows you to accept customer preferences and then modify the already composed communication to meet the requirements of the digital channel requested for delivery. And, it supports sending emails through your bulk email provider as a step in the RICOH ProcessDirector workflow. Automated and trackable with an audit trail for reporting! That will certainly improve business processes while delivering additional value to your customers.

Speaking of positive change to production processes, another benefit your operation can take advantage of with RICOH ProcessDirector is a reduced reliance on IT. In fact, it isn’t just the IT department. RICOH ProcessDirector  reduces dependence on any other departments that might have control of the resources you need to get the delivery job done. By implementing an integrated multichannel delivery solution, your production team can complete work without needing to touch applications—especially if they are behind client firewalls. And it works with fully composed jobs so there is no gap in capability.

Communication is important; make sure you can deliver it the way your end-customers need it. Then, improve their overall customer satisfaction and experience by going the extra mile and delivering their communication the way they want it—even if they change their preference. It is all possible with RICOH ProcessDirector  from Ricoh. Contact our experts today to imagine and then implement change.

Meet the Author

Lisa is the Senior Product Manager for Ricoh Global. She has more than 25 years of experience in the commercial print and print technology industries and has been in her current role since 2014. She has significant experience with prepress and production management and is highly knowledgeable about holistic print ecosystems. Lisa’s experience in the commercial PSP industry embraces all aspects of the print workflow: production management, scheduling, planning, and advanced prepress integration. Lisa enjoys helping customers integrate third-party systems into their Print MIS. She has expertise in integrating products from Kodak, Agfa, Screen, and more.

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