Toby Saalfeld

US Director, Color Management at Ricoh Americas Corporation I'm a marketing and pre-sales professional with over 20 years of working experience in the production print industry. I've held positions in technical services, sales, marketing, and engineering. My main areas of expertise are developing and selling professional services products that allow businesses to fully take advantage of their hardware investments by exploring and enabling the vast amount of possible interconnectivity of today's complex technologies. I thrive in cross-functional and matrix management environments because I enjoy bringing people with different backgrounds together and to lead them into developing and growing new business opportunities.

From Hours to Minutes: Printer profiling that's faster than printer calibration

5 minute read,

In the world of printing, speed is of the essence, especially when it comes to color accuracy and...

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Turn the Complexities of Color Management into Your Competitive Advantage with RICOH Auto Color Adjuster

5 minute read,

What if your press operators didn’t have to manually calibrate their machines multiple times a day?

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Quality Color Management: 5 Steps to Increasing Customer Satisfaction

4 minute read,

Meeting customers’ color expectations requires more than simply installing a color software package...

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